POWDER & FINISH: glow without shining

portrait of a young woman with powder products

Creamy and liquid foundation textures need to be set with powder for long-lasting looks. Shiny areas are reliably covered and mattified – the skin is left looking perfect.


A primer is the perfect basis for a long-lasting make-up and ensures a radiant, perfected complexion.


Moisture-preserving primer that is quickly absorbed and is the perfect base for long-lasting make up. The ultra-light, breathable formulation balances the skin tone and optically refines the pores to guarantee a fresh and natural complexion. With a refreshing fragrance and precious multi-mineral complex of magnesium and zinc. 

Modern 3-in-1 product: Primer before applying make up, sets the make up after application, and provides a boost of freshness at any time in between.

Ref. No. 45050

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Whether loose or compact, the MALU WILZ Beauté powder will give your makeup the perfect finishing touch. The delicate mattifying particles snuggle optimally on your skin and provide a smooth finish. 


Microfine powder for a mattified, natural complexion. Extremely soft on application. Very pleasant wear comfort. Due to the velvety airy texture, the powder blends perfectly and easily. Reliably covers and mattifies shining areas of the face. Helps the foundation to last much longer. Quick to apply thanks to the integrated mirror and enclosed sponge. Light to medium coverage – apply in several layers to individually vary the coverage.

Ref. No. 4611.XX

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An absolute must-have! Blusher adds freshness and youthfulness to any complexion. A rouge completes your make-up optimally.


Design blush for a naturally radiant complexion. The delicate rose tone of the SATIN GLOW BLUSHER conjures up an elegant finish on the cheeks. Perfect to make your skin look pale and vibrant again. The pearl pigments like an instant lifting and give the cheek a youthful look.

Ref. No. 4441.01


High-quality blusher for the Beauty Boxes. The Blusher is perfect for modeling and contouring the facial features. Available in four different shades. Light-as-a-feather on application and hardly noticeable on the skin. The soft texture is easy to apply precisely and leaves a glamorous finish on the cheeks. Combines perfect long-lasting results with absolute color intensity. Paraben- and lanolin-free.

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Ref. No. 4444.XX


Add light reflections!


Luxurious mineral highlighter that adds a silky gloss and makes the face glow. Shimmering pearl pigments reflect the light and guarantee a fresh complexion. The velvety-soft texture creates a high level of wear comfort, is easy to apply and blend. Also ideal for accentuating the décolleté, legs, and shoulders in summer. With nourishing minerals and protecting rosemary extract. The powder is "baked" individually, so every single item is unique.

Ideal for the Strobing Technique: Add shine with the luxurious mineral highlighter.

Ref. No. 47582 & 47582.1

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This transparent Powder fixes Camouflage Cream and makes it waterproof. Increases the durability of lip sticks and make up and is suitable for the fixing of every make up, particularly on mixed skin and oily skin.

Ref. No. 4590


Setting spray with a mineral complex for a natural, mat complexion. The fine spray sets the make-up – for a natural matt complexion. The fine texture absorbs quickly and refreshes the skin. The marigold extract included has a soothing effect and is particularly suitable for stressed skin. The pleasantly delicate and refreshing fragrance creates a feeling of intense well-being. Quick and easy to use, making it ideal for on the go and at any time.

Ref. No. 47503